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Pebbles on the Sand

Adashia Reed

Adashia is an empathic reiki practitioner and educator that helps individuals discover their light within. She asks soul provoking questions that allow you to usher in revelation and change. She specializes in reducing anxiety, calming intrusive thoughts and assisting with spiritual advancement. 
Adashia began having a spiritual awakening in 2020 and it eventually led her to train with Diane Steine, author of "Essential Reiki". Immediately after becoming a reiki master, she quit her job of 8 years and decided to pursue her new life's mission. Since then, she has been featured on the podcasts "Meet the Elite" and "We're All Psychic" as well as online publication "Shoutout Atlanta". She has also done countless psychic, health and holistic fairs. Her passion is healing, and she can't wait to assist you on your journey. 


Reiki Therapy


It is our mission to utilize Reiki energy to assist our clients in healing their mind, body and spirit. Assisting one person sends out a reverberating effect that has an impact on the universe. This is how we fulfill our purpose to make this world a better place.

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Education and Experience

Professional Background

Practitioner, Reiki Master

August 28, 2022

I became initiated to level III of Reiki. This is the master level and allows me to teach as well as initiate new Reiki masters.

Ordained, Universal Life Church Ministries

August 29, 2022

Spiritual counselor/advisor

Founder, New Foundations Reiki

September 2022 - Present

New Foundations Reiki was founded on the principle of faith with a mission to improve the state of the society.

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