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For some of us it is so easy to get overwhelmed and feel like you have so much to do and wonder how are you going to do it. I challenge you to look at it differently. Instead of thinking of things you HAVE to do, think of them of things that you GET to do. Instead of saying omg I have to do x, y & z. Say I'm so grateful I get to do all of these things today. This shifts us from negative to positive and can instantly effect your mood in a good way.

Also, consider what some of these things are costing you. Does it cost more to stick to that obligation or is it better to not fulfill/have someone else do it? For example I had a doctors appointment this morning, I get to do homework with my daughter, I get to take down her hair and re-do it, I get to take her to tutoring and I get to cook for my family. I got so overwhelmed with thinking about all I had to do. I instantly shifted to being grateful and started thinking about what can be put off today or what I can substitute. I came to the conclusion that I will take her hair down today but I will do it tomorrow. This way I don't feel so rushed/burned out but I get a lot done.

It's easy to get sucked into negative and not even realize it is such. With a little more work, you will be shifted into your positive mindset and attract those similar things. Happy Friday everybody!

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